The Beginning and a Biography

The Massage

What sets Jessie’s massage apart from other great massages is the space she holds for all people looking to improve their emotional experience as part of their journey to a better physical sense of well being. She has a vast vocabulary around a body’s possible experiences. As the manager of Piedmont Spa, in Oakland, she took the opportunity to grow and develop her passion and true interests in the realm of massage. Jessie most enjoyed working with clients in bodies without all the standard-issue parts, or bodies which defied societal norms, or bodies which were ravaged by cancer, or bodies with old traumas held by people who were finally ready to let go.

The Beginning

On the last day of 2014, Jessie had a transformational massage session with a client born without her left forearm. Jessie realized a pattern working with clients who lived in a body which didn’t mirror an “average” body (what is average, anyway?).

Jessie asked her client if she preferred the massage without her prosthesis. The client, who always wore her prosthesis,  reported that she had never removed it for a massage.  Ten minutes into the session, the client  asked if she could take her prosthesis off, to which Jessie replied, “Well, you might as well take off the arm!” Everyone laughed and there was a sense of real levity and comfort. After the massage the client confided that she hadn’t let anyone touch her arm in a very long time, and that provided her an incredible sense of relief and well-being. Jessie felt empowered and her interest to pursue working with All Bodies came into sharp focus.

About Jessie

Jessie Wayburn is a CA certified massage therapist (#33603), and a resident of Oakland, California by way of Asheville, North Carolina, and has been in the Bay area for over 5 years. Her impetus to move here was simple: the family she was nannying for said they were moving to San Francisco, and she asked if she could go with them. They said yes. So, she packed an old car full and drove out to fulfill her Mary Poppins plan. Soon after, she started massage school at National Holistic Institute, which forces a life change, even if a student thinks they’re “just fine.” Massage became a passion, whereas it had been something that she naturally did for family on occasion. Before she even graduated NHI, she got a job as a massage therapist at Piedmont Spa, where she worked for almost four years, two of which she was also the manager.

She was born in Irmo, South Carolina, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Performance from the College of Charleston. Prior to living in Oakland and Asheville, she lived for a fair bit in Chicago, Illinois. Her professional background is filled with stage management for theater, but she has done almost every job the theater world has to offer. The arts remain a major part of Jessie’s life.