The Business End

All Bodies Massage can accept cash, check (written to Jessie Wayburn), and credit cards.



60 minutes $100
75 minutes $120
90 minutes $140
105 minutes $160
120 minutes $180

  • On a budget? Ask about sliding scale or exchange!
  • Want to sponsor massage for someone who can’t get one? Contact me!
  • Additional $20 fee for in-home sessions in the East Bay, $20 plus toll for SF sessions.

Make Wellness a Habit!


Treat yourself well! Regular massage can be an excellent way to achieve improved well being, boost your immune system, and move through chronic issues. We want to support that.

Anytime you buy a package of six massages, you get one free! Consider paying it forward and donating your free massage to an artist, activist, or person in need.

We Love New Clients!

For your first massage, you get a $20 discount. If you refer others, you both get a $15 discount on your next massage.

Gift Certificates Available!

Give the gift of massage for someone you love!

Other Services

Babysitting + Massage Combo

This combo is perfect for the stay-at-home parent! We come to you and provide you with a relaxing day. Jessie Wayburn provides the massage, and she coordinates with a fellow massage therapist who also has experience babysitting.

Bring Massage To Your Party

All Bodies Massage is perfect for any event and can provide chair massage to you and your guests. Contact us for more information and a quote!

Let's Plan A Wellness Party!

Invite All Bodies Massage to facilitate a wellness event for you! We can help coordinate a whole event for you and your guests for a variety of events. Schedule a yoga instructor, massage therapist, chef, and other activities through us and we’ll plan the whole day. Consider this your portal to a mini-retreat!

Hours of Operation

All Bodies in the Oakland Hills

(address provided upon approval of reservation)

All Bodies at VastRoot

6536 Telegraph Avenue, Suite B203

Closed Times: SundayMonday, Wednesday, Thursday